Tableau Desktop delivers everything you need to access, visualize, and analyze your data. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, you can uncover the hidden insights you need to make impactful business decisions faster, even when you are offline. All while leveraging trusted and governed data in a secure self-service environment.

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Tableau Desktop capabilities

Power real-time data exploration

Live visual analytics fuel unlimited data exploration. Connect to data on-prem or in the cloud — whether it’s big data, a SQL database, a spreadsheet, or cloud apps like Salesforce. Combine and clean your data without writing code. Quickly build powerful calculations from existing data. Ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Get insight fast

Get faster, deeper insights

Advanced tools with intuitive experiences to help people across all skill levels make smarter decisions right in the flow of analysis. Advanced analytics allows data analysts to create sophisticated calculations for comprehensive analyses. Augmented analytics, powered by AI and ML, help business users to get answers and uncover insights faster through statistics, natural language, and smart data prep.

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Drive smarter decisions

Transparent AI is built into the platform to democratize predictive modeling. People with business context can make smarter decisions faster with what-if scenario planning, guided model building, AI-powered predictions, and other data science techniques. Data scientists can integrate and visualize results from R, Python, Einstein Discovery, MATLAB, and other extensions to scale models across the organization.

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Share and collaborate, securely

Connect to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud to securely share analyses and insights. Tableau provides a governed and flexible environment where teams can share their work and collaborate on trusted data. With the Slack integration, get notifications for data-driven alerts, access AI predictions, and collaborate on analytics with the entire team, across departments, or the whole organization to drive your business forward.

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We're using the strengths of Tableau to help non-technical users easily ask questions from the data directly, instead of having to submit a request with our team.

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Tableau Exchange is where you can access trusted resources built by both Tableau and our third-party partners to help you see faster time to value, address a large variety of use cases, and ultimately realize a greater return on your Tableau investment.


Build dashboards tailored to industry or enterprise, all using your data.

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Dashboard Extensions

Add functionality to your dashboards using web applications.

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Enable Tableau to access additional databases and applications.

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Augmented Analytics

We’re investing in analytical capabilities that help anyone—even those new to data analytics —get answers and uncover unanticipated insights faster through machine learning, statistics, natural language, and smart data prep.

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Plans and pricing

Now more than ever, people need access to data to do their jobs better, but not everyone has the same relationship with data. Tableau provides the right set of capabilities for every role and skill level—and people love to use it. Get the analytics platform that drives greater success at scale and advances your digital transformation by making it easier and more cost-effective to empower everyone with trusted and governed data.

Hosting Options

Tableau Cloud


A Tableau-hosted site is the fastest way to get started with Tableau. It’s the best option for most individuals and new users.

Tableau Server


Self-hosted, Tableau Server is best if you have IT resources and want to host Tableau in your own IT infrastructure.

License types

Tableau Creator

Connect your data, build vizzes, and publish dashboards in Tableau Desktop. Every deployment requires one Creator.

Tableau Cloud $70 €70 £56 ¥8,400 kr700 $98 User/month
Billed annually
Tableau Server $70 €70 £56 ¥8,400 kr700 $98 User/month
Billed annually
Tableau Explorer

Edit existing dashboards. Available for teams and organizations.

Tableau Cloud $42 €42 £34 ¥5,040 kr420 $59 User/month
Billed annually
Tableau Server $35 €35 £28 ¥4,200 kr350 $49 User/month
Billed annually
Tableau Viewer

Access existing dashboards. Available for teams and organizations.

Tableau Cloud $15 €15 £12 ¥1,800 kr150 $21 User/month
Billed annually
Tableau Server $12 €12 £10 ¥1,440 kr120 $17 User/month
Billed annually