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Empowering everyone with free data skills programs

Data is all around us–and knowing how to use it can give a competitive advantage. With free online data skills training designed to fit your busy life, you can level up your data knowledge and gain valuable, in-demand skills for new opportunities.

Free data literacy training for individuals

Get started with hands-on free data skills training. These bite-sized units are customized so that you quickly learn how to use, explore, and communicate more effectively with data

Free data literacy guide for organizations

Jump-start data skills for your organization with our free Bring Data Literacy to Your Workforce guide. You’ll be able to get your team on the same page with simple and prescriptive steps to use data to be more efficient and productive across your business.

Everyone, regardless of their position or department, must know and embrace the language of data to help their organization tackle its difficult problems.

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Using data to fight food insecurity

See how WFP’s teams are coming together around shared data to increase impact and drive real world results where it matters the most.

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Tableau + data skills = A more data-literate world

Free Tableau licenses for students

Tableau for Students free licensing program helps prepare students for a digital, data-driven future. So far, we’ve equipped more than two million students with in-demand, valuable data skills for success in the classroom and the future. It’s a win-win!

Free Tableau licenses for teachers

Tableau for Teaching puts free software and curricula in the hands of educators to teach data skills and problem-solving in the classroom. Tableau is perfect for both beginners and advanced users.

Free data activities for kids

Data Kids introduces basic data usage and principles to the next generation of learners with fun, hands-on data activities developed and tested by Tableau and the Tableau Community.

Data-driven together

We can’t enable 10 million people without our data-driven partners. Their commitment and dedication to advancing data skills are a step toward becoming a movement. With programs like Tableau’s Business Analyst Professional Certificate on Coursera (coming soon!), the nearly 40 colleges committed to building data skills on our Tableau for Teaching Advisory Council, and Pathstream’s data and business analytics certificate program for non-traditional students, we’re finding more ways to make data skills accessible to all.

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Data Science for Everyone

Learn more Data Skills from the Tableau Community

Get started by exploring the programs and projects that bring the community to life. Connect with fellow data enthusiasts, improve your visualization skills, or learn something new with a global community in your corner. There is no wrong way to begin and no better time to get started. 

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