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Academic Programs

Tableau for Teaching

Teach data skills across all disciplines and levels in your classroom for free.

We're on a mission to create a data literate world

Since 2011, Tableau's Academic Programs have enabled more than 2.5 million students and teachers from accredited institutions around the world, across disciplines, with critical data skills. Tableau for Teaching (TfT) offers complimentary software, learning resources, and curricula to help instructors teach data skills that are essential in today’s global economy. Get started today by requesting your free 1 year license!

Software Offerings

We offer instructors at accredited, degree-granting, academic institutions free access to our software. Always renewable, always free, forever. Please submit proof (faculty webpages, course syllabi, appointment letters, etc.) that you’re actively teaching to receive your licenses. Check out our FAQ for more information.

Instructor License

A personal license for learning Tableau and teaching it in the classroom

Student Bulk License

A classroom license requested by the instructor for their students to learn Tableau

  • Duration: Length of course (typically 3-6 months) **Request a new license for each new iteration of your course
  • Products: Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder
  • One key with multiple activations for number of students in course
  • Note: Does not include eLearning. Students can access eLearning individually through our Tableau for Students program. This license can be used for part-time students.
  • Request here

Lab Bulk License

A campus license used to deploy Tableau across university-owned computers

  • Duration: One year (renewable)
  • Products: Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder
  • One key with multiple activations (max 2000)
  • Note: Not to be downloaded on personal machines, shared devices only.
  • Request here

Tableau Cloud Site

A cloud-based workspace for instructors and students to collaborate

  • Duration: One year (renewable)
  • Product: Tableau Cloud
  • 100 seats that instructors can subscribe students to via email address
  • Note: This offering is limited to one active site per year. 
  • Perks: Works on any device (Linux, Chromebooks, iPad. etc.) & no download required
  • Request here

Researcher License

A personal license for conducting non-commercial academic research

  • Duration: One year (renewable)
  • Products: Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder
  • Can be activated on two separate devices
  • Note: You must fit within our research criteria to be eligible. Read FAQ for more details.
  • Request here

Ready-made Curricula

We offer complimentary ready-made courses and modules across a breadth of subjects, including a guide to Tableau Cloud, Data Visualization, and more.

Already have a license? Join our Tableau for Teaching User Group to share resources, access curricula, and connect.

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Enable and Certify


Tableau eLearning is web-based training you can consume at your own pace. Courses are interactive and designed to help you learn Tableau regardless of skill level. Students and instructors have free access to all of our eLearning. Your students can earn badges that they can share on a resume. Receive access to all eLearning modules after being approved for an Instructor License.  


Industry-known certifications are an invaluable addition to a resume. Tableau’s Desktop Specialist Certification Exam is an entry-level certification that tests the basic functionality of Tableau Desktop and helps users leverage the Tableau certification portfolio. Students and instructors can receive a special academic discount for our Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam after being verified through our programs, Tableau for Students and Tableau for Teaching. Interested in purchasing this entry-level exam in bulk for your program? Send us an email.

Inspiration for instructors to learn, teach, and certify.

One Professor’s Story

Learn how Chon Abraham, Associate Professor, Mason School of Business, is helping her students learn Tableau and get relevant internships.

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Data Literacy for All

Learn foundational skills to jumpstart your data journey

Learn data skills fundamentals with this free online training program. This self-paced course will teach you how to explore, understand, and communicate with data. Training covers key topics, including statistics, understanding data types, and communicating with data.

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Additional Terms and Conditions: The licenses provided through Tableau’s Academic Programs shall be used only for Instructional Use or Noncommercial Academic Research. “Instructional Use” means evaluating Tableau for classroom use, developing materials and familiarity in Tableau for classes, and academic instruction. “Noncommercial Academic Research” means conducting not-for-profit research projects, which are not intended to or in fact produce results, works, services, or data for commercial use by anyone or to generate revenue. By submitting this form, you agree that any Tableau Academic Program licenses provided through Tableau’s Academic Programs will only be used for these purposes.

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