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Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Some good to know stuff about the Wisdom tooth

‘Gaining wisdom is painful, especially when it’s a tooth’. The molar present at the back of the mouth – known as the wisdom tooth is invariably one of the most popular members of the tooth family. This tooth is notoriously famous for the pain it causes when it comes out of the gums. The pain caused by it is pretty unbearable in most cases. This is the reason that most people undergo a wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

There are quite a few reasons for the excessive pain caused by this tooth

Pressurized by the jaw:

The wisdom tooth is pretty far inside the mouth. Due to this, they get trapped inside the jaws or gums. That’s the most common reason for people to experience pain when the wisdom tooth comes out.

Budding of the tooth at a wrong angle:

Sometimes the angle at which this molar starts to come out of the gums is not correct. Due to this it may press against the neighboring teeth and affect the overall position. This results in pain being induced in the adjoining teeth and the wisdom tooth itself.

The size of mouth:

This is one more common problem for many people. The pain occurs as in some cases the mouth is rather not big enough to hold all your teeth. In this case, the jaw is not able to contain extra molars. This too leads to pain in the molar site.

Improper cleaning:

Though we tend to ignore it however cleanliness can again be a factor which can lead to pain in your jaw when the wisdom tooth starts coming out. Most often when we brush our teeth, we tend to leave the back of our jaw. It causes cavities and when the brush touches the cavities it produces pain. The wisdom tooth in turn can also incur cavities and leads to further pain.

If you no longer want to suffer from unbearable pain caused by your wisdom teeth, then get it removed by an experienced surgeon. There are renowned dental centres in Vancouver which offer this facility. A good dental clinic will ensure a safe surgery and of course you can count on Pier Dental to help you out. Consult our team today.

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